Enjoy some examples of our work and consider the options available to you

Bullet edging is an economical alternative to worn out and unattractive vinyl edging. Available in multiple colors, it adds appeal to beds and tree rings. It's easy to mow and trim around and replace if a brick is damaged.

A majority of our clients are homeowners who are interested in a redesign to outdated and/or overgrown landscape. Sometimes a design calls for complete removal and renovation. Often though we can keep existing plants, rock, mulch, etc and make some minor changes that have a huge impact on curb appeal and the overall aesthetics of the design.

A few old shrubs were removed in front of the walkway and the existing plants stayed in place. A drain basin was placed at the base of a sump pump outlet behind the Hosta and a line run underground below the walkway, with and outlet in the yard.

In this project, we replaced old, cracked concrete with a patio walkway, weed barrier, fresh mulch and new bullet edging.

Growing grass under a deck is almost impossible. Often builders will cut construction costs and simply sod under a deck. This can lead to an unsightly, often muddy mess.

We recommend installing a weed barrier and rock under your deck. It is far more attractive, as well as helps keep moisture away from your house and deck footings.

Create a convenient, clean and out of the way space to store toys, lawn furniture and other outdoor items when not in use.

This client had completely overgrown landscape with outdated rock and worn out vinyl edging

We removed all of the existing rock, weeds, shrubs and vinyl edging.

We installed a weed barrier, bullet edging and new river rock.

We extended the landscape bed along the back of the house

Complete removal of one bed can drastically change the look of your home. Here we removed one bed in front of the walkway, installed sod and replaced some overgrown shrubs with new ones. The existing trap rock and many of the perennials and other shrubs remained. This drastically opened up the front of the house. This was an inexpensive, one day job that completely changed the curb appeal of the home.

A young couple, first time homeowners on a budget wanted to spruce up their backyard

They hated the existing overgrown rock and weathered, plain low retaining wall

We removed all the river rock, retaining walls, tree and other debris...

They opted for field stone retaining walls and matching river rock for edging, along with red mulch.

We advised using the existing flagstone to create a walkway from the driveway to the alley gate. They were apprehensive at first and ended up loving the results.

Some of our patio, fire pit and retaining wall projects

A few of our drainage jobs...

Drain basins installed and barely noticeable

Drain basin being installed at the base of a downspout

French Drain mid-installation

French Drain system running under the existing landscape. Charlie helped dig...

Drain basin with solid pipe prior to driveway installation

Large sod jobs can be costly. A more affordable option is to have us grade an area and seed it.

Small front yard sod removal & installation

New construction sod and basic river rock landscape installation

Sod and Seed

You can get by with applying seed, raking it into the soil and watering. However, for best results and for larger areas, we suggest, grading, seeding, applying a quality fertilizer and installing grass mats. Grass mats protect the seeds from the sun and birds. They help retain moisture and are biodegradable.

Trees, shrubs and perennials

We believe no matter how well it is presented on paper, a design won't take shape until the plants arrive. We do NOT plant any shrub, tree or perennial until we set them in place and do a walk through with the home owner to ensure nobody is disappointed with the outcome.

We do not take a cookie cutter approach to landscape design. When possible, we will work with existing plants to build a design. We work hand in hand with the homeowner in plant selection. When you work with us, you will be given access to our supplier websites where you can select from a wide variety of plants.

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